Choose an Electric Car Rental for Your Next Trip to LA

by Ryan Kerzner

porche rental back view

You might have heard all the talk about electric and hybrid cars and how the automakers are going to produce more of them.  Surprisingly, electric cars have actually been around for over 100 years and they sure have come a long way!  Electric car rentals are becoming more and more popular and now, they are some of our most popular rental cars. Why not make your summer vacation to Los Angeles be something to remember!  Spoil yourself and save some money on gas and get an electric car from Black and White Car Rental.


In our fleet, we have three electric car rental options, Cruise, Family Hybrid, and Sport. If you are unsure about which one is the right option for you, let’s break them down into details and you can start planning your LA trip.


Cruise – Tesla Model 3 Long Range

tesla rebtal model 3 long range at surfair

Tesla Model 3 Long Range at SurfAir

Tesla electric car rental wheel and dash

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Tesla is by far the most well-known electric car in the world and the Model 3 is the “entry-level” in their line-up of all electric vehicles.  This car will give you about 300 miles of silent power and that dual motor high-performance you are looking for in an EV. That means you can travel around Los Angeles and beyond without that “range anxiety.”  With space for five adults and room for luggage, you can bring along whatever you want when you come for a visit to LA.  If are looking for private aircraft travel without breaking the budget, look into booking your next trip with Surf Air (   If you are looking for an electric rental car but also don’t want to blow the budget, this option is the one for you.

Family Hybrid – Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid and Tesla Model X

tesla electric car rental x1000d in black

Tesla X100D Performance

tesla electric car rental x1000d front row

Tesla X100D Performance Interior

If you want to treat the family to a summer vacation Los Angeles, and you want to drive something an eco-friendly, we have the perfect solutions for you and your family.  The Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid lets you cruise around LA on electric power for 35 miles, 520 miles total range with gas.   Perfect for traveling around town and saving on gas.   There is also the tried and true Toyota Prius.   Our most popular and staple of the Hybrid Car Rental market.   If you want to go full-blown electric, the Tesla Model X is the electric SUV rental you are looking for.  With the famous Falcon-Wing doors, and spaceship design, its unmistakably Tesla.  Both of these family-oriented vehicles will comfortably seat your family of up to seven people, and plenty of cool tech to keep everyone happy, making the most of your Los Angeles vacation.

Extreme Electric – Porsche Taycan Turbo

porsche electric car rental taycan turbo in silver

Porsche Taycan Turbo

Porsche rental Taycan interior front row

Porsche Taycan Turbo Interior

For the ultimate in an electric car rental, the Porsche Taycan Turbo is truly an incredible machine! With seating for four adults, push button start, ample luggage space, and the meticulous performance engineering you would expect from Porsche, all wrapped up in this awesome electric sports car. This luxury electric car is perfect for your weekend break away to LA. You can experience the ultimate in electric car technology, hear pounding acceleration, in one of the finest examples for you to enjoy in LA.

Electric Car Rental Fun – Book Yours Now

No matter how you intend to enjoy your Los Angeles trip, we have the electric car rental option to suit your taste and desires. Don’t rent a gas guzzler, get yourself a high-tech electric rental car for your next trip to LA, and enjoy the effortless instant power of these sleek examples of automotive engineering. Book your LA electric car rental now and get out of the house and into the future!! Call us now or visit our exotic & luxury car rental page to find your dream car.  Contact us to inquire today.

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