Luxury Car Rental Comparison

by Ryan Kerzner

mercedes luxury car rental

Luxury Car Rental in Los Angeles and San Francisco

A weekend getaway, a luxurious date night, or some style on a business trip, Black and White Car Rental knows luxury car rental. 

Bentley, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and more. Sedans, Hybrids, Electric, SUV, the possibilities are endless.

Test drives, weekend trips, a date night, or a business trip, Black and White Car Rental knows luxury car rental.

Customers coming to Los Angeles and San Francisco searching for luxury car rentals, may come across many different companies.  In 1994 Black and White Car Rental began renting luxury vehicles in Beverly Hills.  It’s what drives our brand reputation.  It’s only fitting that we offer a wide range of vehicles in the luxury vehicle rental segment.  By default, most customers lean toward BMW and Mercedes Benz when they think of renting a luxury car.  We are proud to carry other makes and models that offer some incredible vehicles like Range Rover and Porsche.  Our most popular brand in the fleet and the one that offers the many different models to choose from is Mercedes rental.  Here is a quick review of some of our most popular luxury cars.

It is no surprise that Mercedes Benz is our go to vehicle brand for luxury car rental.   We are proud to offer the subcompact A-Class (A220 Sedan) through the flagship large Mercedes S-class.  The Mercedes A220 falls under our premium car rental category but it’s definitely worth mentioning if you’re looking to renting an affordable luxury car.  Next model up from there is the Mercedes C-Class which is their compact sedan and our entry into the luxury car rental segment.  The C-class (C300) is the workhorse for Mercedes, selling more of these luxury sedans than any other model.  Be on the lookout for completely new redesign for 2022.

The Mercedes E-Class, particularly the E350 Sedan, is our go-to luxury car rental.  It sets the standard for luxury car rental.   It is also Motor Trend Magazine 2021 Car of The Year.  The article in the link goes into great detail about why this car is so well-rounded.   The Mercedes E-Class rental offers our customers a wide range of benefits and is dynamic enough to offer customers something for most occasions.  Perfect for a short weekend getaway, worth the expense on a business trip, and best in class drivability and technology you expect from a luxury car.  It’s worth upgrading to this luxury car rental next time you’re in Los Angeles or San Francisco.


Looking for something larger?   The mid-size luxury SUV segment is where you should be looking.  In this category we would choose either the Mercedes GLE350 4-matic or the BMW X5 40i xDrive.   Since the late 1990’s these two German luxury vehicle makers have been going head-to-head in this class.   With over 20 years of producing fine luxury SUVs, it’s not surprising that these are some of the most popular luxury SUV Rentals.   We are proud to carry other SUVs. For all the reasons you would want to rent a luxury car, with added versatility and spaciousness, a luxury SUV rental is your best option. You can’t offer luxury car rentals without including luxury SUVs too.  They are more popular and diverse than ever, more than the sedans.

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