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by Ryan Kerzner

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SUV Rental, 4×4 Rental, or All-Wheel Drive SUV in Los Angeles. Which Model would Choose for Your Road Trip?

Planning a road trip to the mountains or heading to the beach?  Black and White Car Rental has many SUV and four-wheel-drive (4×4) Rentals to choose from.

2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV 4x4 rental

2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV

We have put together our Top SUV and 4×4 Rentals for a trip to the mountains, the beach, or both.

Los Angeles and the areas just outside of the City of LA, offer plenty desirable destinations worth taking a 4×4 or SUV rental to discover.  You don’t need to drive far to have an amazing road trip experience either. Renting an SUV makes the most sense if you are planning one of these popular trips.

Before you Go in the Snow

In the winter we get more requests for 4×4 rentals than any other time of year.  The Los Angeles area mountains, such as Big Bear (Bear Mountain), Arrowhead, or Mountain High (Mt. High) are the most popular local mountain destinations.  The general rule of the road is if it is snowing on the drive up the mountain, you will need to rent a 4×4.  If you don’t have a 4×4 rental you might get turned around by Highway Patrol.   Highway Patrol is checking SUVs as they drive up and they are looking for 4×4 only.  You may be asked to have chains in the vehicle if the weather is that bad.

SUV Rentals for the Snow

For this road trip, we would recommend renting a mid-size luxury SUV rental like a BMW X5 xDrive, Mercedes GLE350 4matic, or Range Rover Sport, all have four-wheel drive or AWD (all-wheel-drive).   These vehicles are also the right size SUV rental for a day or weekend trip.  Once you are there, it’s easy to rent ski and snowboard equipment.   Alternatively, if you are in Los Angeles during the spring or summer, Big Bear is especially beautiful that time of year as well.  It’s a mountain biker, kayaker, and hikers playground.

Suburban and Escalade Interior 4x4 rental

Chevy Suburban and Cadillac Escalade Side by Side Interior Comparison

If you are looking to go even further on your trip, you will want to explore the drive up to Mammoth Mountain in the winter or Lake Tahoe in the Spring/Summer.  Check the roads before you go, but these are great places to take an SUV or 4×4 rental for a family road trip.

Our SUV rental recommendation for the ski and snowboarding family would be the Cadillac Escalade rental (all-new for 2021).   Renting a Cadillac Escalade ESV is the luxurious choice for a 4×4 rental.  It’s loaded with technology like adaptive cruise control, ride height adjustment, rear entertainment, and seating for seven.  If the lake and spring weather is more of your thing, then a Chevy Suburban rental would fit the family well.  Choosing the Chevy Suburban rental gives you a cheaper SUV rental than the Escalade, while offering just as much space, seating for eight (w/second-row bench), leather, navigation, heated seating and more.  One disadvantage is that its not 4×4, so taking to the snow isn’t the best choice.

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SUV Rentals for the Beach

Finally, planning that trip to the beach in Los Angeles doesn’t require four-wheel drive (4×4).  However, with 4×4 rental you will appreciate the extra size and added cargo capacity an SUV rental brings.   The most requested SUV rental we receive for the beach has to be the Jeep Wrangler 4×4 rental.  Whether it is the Wrangler hard top or our more equipped Jeep Rubicon rental, they are rugged, loaded with features, seating for five, and serve as a “convertible.”  The hard-top has removable tops over the driver and passenger, while our Rubicon Jeep rental has a retractable soft top; like a large sunroof.   The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon rental is actually the only vehicle  that is a five-passenger open air vehicle.   For that reason alone it is hands down, our official beach-worthy SUV 4×4 rental.

4×4 Rental Top Choice, Best SUV Rental for The California Vibe

Jeep Wrangler 4x4 rental

Jeep Wrangler

Southern California also offers the unique experience of a ski/snowboard and surf trip in one day.   Yes, you read that correctly.   If you plan your trip right and the weather is in your favor, you can hit the slopes in the morning and shred some waves at sunset.   What could be more California than that!

Our choice for the best overall SUV 4×4 rental in Los Angeles is the Jeep Wrangler.  Contact us today to inquire about that or other Jeep rentals.

Interested in renting a Jeep today? Visit our Jeep vehicle page to find your dream car.

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Chevy Suburban and Cadillac Escalade Side by Side 4x4 rental

Chevy Suburban and Cadillac Escalade Side by Side

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