Rent a Tesla P85D

Tesla P85D

The 2017 Tesla P85D is a brand new vehicle added to our Exotic Fleet of rental cars. This futuristic Plugin Hybrid/Electric sports car seats up to 5 passengers, and is an absolute power house on the road claiming the title as the world’s fastest-accelerating four-door car on the market today, and when we say fast we mean Bugatti Veyron fast going from standstill to 60mph in 3.2 seconds. ┬áThis Tesla Rental is no joke. This supercar grade P85D features a Dual Motor setup boosting up to 691 horsepower. Interior features include Tesla’s signature 8-inch high resolution touchscreen console with built-in wifi internet, web browser, multimedia bluetooth, and voice activated cabin controls. Other outstanding touches include an all glass panoramic roof, we also added the optional tech package with Tesla’s Autopilot feature. Do you find yourself asking, “Where Do I Find a Tesla Rental Near Me?” or “How much to rent a Tesla?” then contact B&W now! The Tesla P85D Rental is now available at our Beverly Hills, LAX Airport, San Francisco, and our latest West LA rental location.


  • Engine Size: Electric 85kwh Dual Motor
  • Horsepower: 691
  • EPA: 85 MPGE